Secure and sustainable IT Asset Disposition

At European ITAD Solutions, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive and environmentally responsible IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) services across Europe. With a commitment to data security, sustainability, and compliance, we are your trusted partner for managing the entire lifecycle of your IT assets.

Our Services

Secure data destruction

Protect your sensitive data with our state-of-the-art data destruction services. We employ industry-leading techniques, including data wiping, degaussing and physical shredding, to ensure your confidential information remains confidential. Every step is fully certified.

Remarketing and resale

Unlock the hidden value in your retired IT assets through our remarketing and resale services. We refurbish and resell your outdated equipment, maximizing returns and minimizing environmental impact. It reduces the IT spendings and extends the usability of assets.

Recycling and disposal

Our eco-friendly approach to recycling and disposal guarantees that your IT assets are handled in accordance with the highest environmental standards. We ensure that all e-waste is recycled or disposed of responsibly and legally. All processes are well documented, and the flow is traceable.

Asset inventory and reporting

Maintain full visibility and control over your IT assets with our asset inventory and reporting services. We provide detailed reports and documentation, helping you make informed decisions about your asset management strategy. Unused assets become visible and can be retired to safe space, energy and management costs.

Logistics and transportation

Our efficient logistics and transportation solutions ensure the safe and secure movement of your IT assets throughout their lifecycle. We handle everything from pickup to delivery, reducing your operational burden. 

ITAD compliancy

ITAD stands for IT Asset Disposition, which is the proper management and disposal of obsolete or retired IT equipment. It is important to protect sensitive data, comply with regulations and minimize the environmental impact. We as Device are fully compliant to these standards.

Why choose European ITAD Solutions?

There are many good reasons to choose for European ITAD Solutions, the most important one is of course to preserve Mother Earth. We must be careful with scarce resources including space, materials, and energy.

Our services support companies with:

Data security, by protecting your sensitive information with our stringent data destruction processes, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.

Sustainability, by reducing your environmental footprint with our commitment to responsible recycling and reuse of IT assets.

Compliance, we support companies to stay in full compliance with local and international regulations governing IT asset disposition.

Maximized ROI, to maximize your return on investment by recovering value from retired IT assets through our remarketing services.

Customer-centric approach is king. We tailor our services to meet your specific needs, offering flexibility and personalized solutions.

The certified professionals in our team of experts are fully certified in data security, environmental practices, and ITAD compliance.

What clients say

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Join us in the journey towards secure, sustainable, and responsible IT asset disposition.

Discover how Device with European ITAD Solutions can streamline your IT asset disposition process, enhance data security, and contribute to a sustainable future. Let’s work together to make ITAD easy, secure, and environmentally responsible. 

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