Turn redundant hardware into valuable assets

At Device Europe, we recognize the untapped potential in your redundant hardware. Our ‘Hardware buyback program’ is designed to provide you with a hassle-free, environmentally responsible, and cost-effective way to transform your unused IT assets into valuable resources.

Why choose our hardware buyback program?

Maximize ROI

Unlock the remaining value in your unused hardware and put it back into your budget for new technology investments.

Simplify asset management

Reduce the complexity of managing outdated equipment and free up valuable space in your IT storage areas. Reduce energy consumption and management overhead.

Environmental responsibility

We ensure that retired hardware is responsibly recycled, reducing electronic waste, and minimizing your environmental impact by reusing scarce resources.

Data security

Our certified data destruction services guarantee that your sensitive information is securely erased from all devices in line with international standards (GDPR compliant).

Convenient and transparent

Our process is straightforward and transparent, providing you with a fair and competitive offer for your obsolete hardware.

What we buy

We are interested in a wide range of IT hardware, including but not limited to: desktops and laptops, servers and data centre equipment, networking equipment, printers and peripherals.

How our program works

The whole program consists of a few transparent and logical steps.

The first step is the assessment. You as a customer provide us with details regarding your hardware, including make, model, and quantity.

The second step is the evaluation. Our experts will assess the condition and value of your hardware. As a result, we create a competitive buyback offer. It’s up to the customer to accept it. 

Once accepted, the next step is the pickup of the assets. We arrange the logistics for secure pickup and transportation. 

Data Security is crucial that’s why a secure data destruction is performed on all devices, ensuring your data remains confidential and is no longer available on any asset. 

The result of this program is an optimised environmental responsibility. Hardware is either refurbished for resale or responsibly recycled for the reuse of the raw materials. 

At the end of the process, you as a customer receive a payment for your hardware, boosting your IT budget.

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Unlock the Value in Your Redundant Hardware Today.

Transforming Redundancy into Opportunity.

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